Leapfrog approach is required in delivering health education to citizen.

Integrated Innovation

In the last two decades, African governments and the global health community have formulated policies, designed programmes and allocated funding for the delivery of health services, health system strengthening and monitoring of MDG indicators based on the perceptions of the characteristics of a good health system. The integrated approach is required for successful intervention and sustainable impact on health system.

“Visual Storytelling: A Creative Approach”

Generate story ideas and write them with consistency and reliability. By Ali Anani PhD

Impact of video games on cognitive memory

Mehaba saved her and Adam’s life by seeking information in time

Power of Nutrition

Brain Tricks

How to trigger behaviour change

Place where dreams are born

SAMR :Education 3.0 Framework

Maternal and Neonatal health information distribution system

To reduce maternal and neonatal mortality, pregnant women and their families should be motivated to participate in learning activities. They must understand the importance of nutritions, rest during pregnancy by woman and seeking timely health from recognized healthcare practitioners. The scientific research proved that human brain encapsulates a lot more information and more easily understands if training is given through the use of colours, lights, shades and shadows. An interactive learning-by-doing environment helps learners more engaged in the knowledge seeking process. By motivating pregnant women and their families to participate in health information seeking activities, we can prevent death and reduce healthcare cost and burden on health system. The economic conditions and social status of the family will improve considerably. The time, money, attention towards sick mother and child, and energy of care taker will be saved.

Public Opinion on 3D Virtual Interactive Simuation

Ethiopia Community Engagement Testimonies by Men on Gender Equality

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